Historical Thinking Model in Achieving Cognitive Dimension of Indonesian History Learning


  • Mohamad Zaenal Arifin Anis
  • Herry Porda Nugroho Putro
  • Heri Susanto
  • Kurnia Puji Hastuti
  • Mutiani


Historical thinking assessment, cognitive dimension.


Historical thinking instruments have been phenomenally implemented in developed countries making history education experts in Indonesia encouraged to conduct research to achieve learning objectives in the form of valid and reliable historical thinking instruments. However, research on historical thinking instruments is not without challenges and failures because it is not considered to be able to bring students to be able to think critically so that there is no standard instrument. The aim of the study is to produce a historical thinking instrument using the cognitive dimension criteria in history learning in tertiary institutions. The research was conducted using the stages of the method; needs analysis based on competencies in the curriculum, designing historical thinking assessment instruments, and testing the resulting instruments. The results showed the need for instruments according to cognitive dimensions using categorized instrument models, namely multiple choice models to measure factual dimensions, free response question models with short answer types to measure conceptual dimensions, document-based free response question models to measure procedural dimensions, and models, and free response question essay type to measure metacognitive dimensions. Testing of the instruments arranged shows that the resulting instrument meets the validity and reliability aspects or r11>rt so that it can be concluded that the instrument developed can be used in the test.

Meanwhile, the result of the factor analysis shows that the dominant factor in the developed instrument is the factual dimension which determines the achievement of the cognitive dimension.


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Mohamad Zaenal Arifin Anis, Herry Porda Nugroho Putro, Heri Susanto, Kurnia Puji Hastuti, & Mutiani. (2020). Historical Thinking Model in Achieving Cognitive Dimension of Indonesian History Learning . PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 17(7), 7894-7906. Retrieved from https://archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/3449