Professional learning teaching process of Newton's laws


  • Yoan Pablo Rodríguez Monier
  • Miguel Alejandro Cruz Cabezas
  • Luís Aníbal Alonso Betancourt
  • Verónica Del Pilar Zambrano Burgos


Teaching-learning, Professional, Physics, previous knowledge, historical - cultural, exact sciences.


Currently there are difficulties in the teaching-learning processes to ensure that students acquire knowledge that will serve them in the future for their professional life. In the case of high school students, efforts are being made to ensure that students manage to prepare from the knowledge that they can acquire from Newton's laws for their future life, so the objective of the work is to investigate the process of teaching learning in physics, appreciating the scope and importance that previous knowledge can have in the first year of the unified general baccalaureate. From birth, the child begins a learning process that will last during the course of life through communication with the social entities that surround it, as the greater amount of knowledge is concentrated, the better the rational development of the students will be. Descriptive observation was used as a method, the inductive deductive method to characterize the teaching-learning process, in addition, desk research was used, analysis-synthesis and the historical-logical method were also used. The objective of the research was aimed at knowing different methodologies and techniques that have been implemented in the professional teaching-learning process and that are useful for the teaching of Newton's laws in high school. It was obtained as a result that teachers can use different methodology and technologies so that students know and can apply Newton's laws in their professional lives.


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Yoan Pablo Rodríguez Monier, Miguel Alejandro Cruz Cabezas, Luís Aníbal Alonso Betancourt, & Verónica Del Pilar Zambrano Burgos. (2021). Professional learning teaching process of Newton’s laws. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(1), 4410-4420. Retrieved from

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