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Author Guidelines

What to submit


PJANE accepts papers with topics such as:

  • Aerial archaeological survey
  • Archaeological techniques, theory etc.
  • Archaeozoology, -botany
  • Architecture
  • Art history
  • History of science
  • Museology
  • Preparation/conservation
  • Underwater archaeology

The Journal publishes contributions from prehistory to the Medieval Period. If there is doubt whether a paper can be submitted or not, please contact the responsible managing editor first.

Papers can take the form of, for instance:

  • (Exposition) catalogues
  • Descriptions
  • Discussions and correspondences
  • Headline news
  • Independent (case)studies
  • Institute based (case)studies
  • Notes
  • Reports (such as survey and excavation reports)
  • Supplements to previous published work
  • Symposia, workshops etc. and their proceedings

Book reviews

Since we have been co-operating with many well-known and worldwide publishers, the continuous expanding of this system has resulted in the inclusion in our journal of reviews of scientific as well as popular books, which are reviewed by various specialists in the field. The book reviews are free to download and with uploading the new issue, the book reviews stay online in the archives with their title; they are sent for free as pdf-file to anyone who asks for it! In order to discuss books from various angles, we allow two reviews of the same book (in exceptional cases even more) on the condition that the reviews are written with different views and provoke discussion. Also review of older books are welcome; although this is from a commercial point of view of minor importance for the publisher, it still can be of importance for colleague scientists and other interested people. You can send your book review (in English) with the following details: author(s)/editor(s), year, full title, place, publisher, number of pages, ISBN, price, hardback/paperback to the responsible managing editor. Also, send the scanned images (300 dpi or more) of the front and back of the book.

Moving Images

PJANE offers the possibility of the publication of animations, such as ct scans of fossils or mummies or large picture databases.


The submitted work has to meet the following requirements (any contravention leads to delay in publishing):

  • Submission is done to the appropriate managing editor (addresses see above) and consists of a text in Word (Word.doc) submitted on CD-rom or by email. The manuscript should include low resolution version of the illustrations; only after the paper has been accepted, the original figures and tables are accepted. These final figures can be submitted either as hard copy or as digital image (make sure the figure and table numbering is unmistakable). If digital, photographs should be submitted as .tif or .jpeg (minimum of 300 dpi); drawings as .tiff (minimum of 600 dpi). The author is responsible for the permission of the use of illustrations (drawings, photographs or other visual images) made by others and should include the written permission(s) with their submission to the PJANE.
  • Texts in English and written by non-native English speakers are corrected by a native English speaker before submission.
  • Conform to the author guidelines. Make sure an abstract, table of contents, key-words and list of abbreviations is included.
  • There are no restrictions to length and number of figures (tables, drawings or photographs). However, it is requested to contact the managing editor first in case of exceptionally long manuscripts (over 50 pages plain text) and/or manuscripts with many figures (over 50). There are no costs involved in publishing but the PalArch Journals may ask for financial contribution in exceptional cases. This will be done by mutual arrangement.
  • Studies are peer reviewed by at least one member of the editorial board or in exceptions from outside the board. If the author submits a peer reviewed manuscript, the manuscript should be accompanied by a review form with the reviewer’s comments. The manuscript should be changed in this light. If necessary, any response by the author to the reviewer’s comments should be included in a cover letter. Although a review of other types of manuscripts is not required, it is surely not prohibited.


    • Send  your paper to the editor by e-mail.
    • Immediately after receiving the manuscript, the managing editor informs the author by email on the procedure and likely date of publishing.
    • Important for the PalArch Journals is a short publishing process. Consequently, submitted manuscripts are published within reasonable time (not taking unexpected and unforeseen problems into account). The publication timescale is dependent on the size of the manuscript as well as the conformity of the submitted work with the guidelines. The publication timescale is also dependent on the reviewing process (all members of the editorial board agreed on reviewing within reasonable time).
    • The submitted work is published at as soon as it meets the requirements. PJANE is an open access journal (see Note that the downloaded pdf-publications are for personal use only: distribution is prohibited. Notifying third parties should be done by reference to the Journals website
    • The author is not provided with free copies because the publication can be downloaded for free.
    • All contributions are stored in the archives of the PalArch Journals (as hard copy as well as CD-rom) as well as in the National Library (


Responses to published papers should be sent to the managing editor. Start the remark by mentioning the author, title, number of the issue, number of the paper and year. Do not forget to include your own name, institute, full address(es) and email address. The managing editor processes the response and decides whether to include it or not.


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