Institute for Tertiary-Quarternary Studies (TER-QUA)


  • Larry D Martin Biodiversity Institute and Department of Evolution and Ecology, University of Kansas, Lawrence


TER-QUA, Cenozoic studies


TER-QUA (The Institute for Tertiary-Quaternary Studies) was organized in 1968 on the recommendation of the National Academy of Sciences/ National Research Council’s U.S. National Committee of INQUA (the International Union for Quaternary Research). At this time it was under the directorships of Prof. Samuel Treves and Prof. Charles Bertrand Schultz both of the University of Nebraska. TER-QUA was formed to bring together as many diverse scientifi c specialties as possible so that the full force of modern science could be directed on the last 65,000,000 years of earth history, a period encompassing the origin of humanity and modern environments. TER-QUA became affi liated with The Nebraska Academy of Sciences in 1974, and a Division of the Academy in 1984. It was never offi cially a society with membership, dues, etc. It was, instead, an association of scientists who shared an interest in the Cenozoic and refl ected dissatisfaction with the separation of the Tertiary from such studies. Read more...

Institute for Tertiary-Quarternary Studies (TER-QUA)