Denny, M. 2008. How the Ocean Works. An Introduction to Oceanography. - Princeton, Princeton University Press


  • A. Dooley Jr.


As palaeontologists, more often than not we end up making a living by doing things other than palaeontological research. This frequently includes teaching introductory-level courses on a variety of topics that are not necessarily in our exact areas of expertise, including in my case oceanography. “How the Ocean Works” by Mark Denny is an introductory textbook for Oceanography students. I was pleasantly surprised when I initially thumbed through the book at the lack of photographs. Rather than the rather gaudy appearance of most current textbooks, this one is rather minimalist, heavy on text and diagrams. Even though it is an introductory text, it has the feel of a more specialized, upper-level text. Read more...

How the Ocean Works