Western cultural references of the critic from Dhi Qar


  • Emad Harjan majid Hassan
  • Ahmad Hial Jehad


references, cultural, western, critic


The Western cultural invasion that entered the Arab countries through scientific missions and translation had a clear impact on enriching the critic’s culture in Iraq and the Arab world in general, and in Dhi Qar Governorate in particular. The nature of criticism before that period is dominated by the nature of being influenced by old literature, or keeping pace with the political and social reality in that era that witnessed many revolutions and coups, so the writer’s product mimics its reality and the living and economic conditions that society is going through, including injustice and persecution. In that period, it is a literature that reflects the reality that the country is going through, as researchers have unanimously agreed that the story literature in Iraq is one of the most abundant Arab literatures concerned with political matters and social reform. Iraqi writers often have to sacrifice the origins of fictional art and its elements for the sake of social content (Al-Rahman, 1983).


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