• Dr Zuha Qaisar
  • Dr alia Bibi
  • Dr Yasmin Nazir
  • Dr Muhammad zafar Iqbal saeedi
  • Dr Hifzur Rahman
  • Dr Abdul haseeb


The status of women is defined by Allah in Quran which shows importance of women in Islam and many other obligations that a Muslim Women need to follow .One of the requirement of hijab in accordance to Quranic tenets .Islam give honor and respect to women .Almighty Allah has focused on the sanctity of women. Islam has given rights to them to adapt life in mysticism, and peruse her professional life and to live a life in peace in her personal life .There are certain commandments given by Allah to be followed by Women to protect their purity and sanity .Certain period of iddah is set for women to complete her cycle of purity .Allah  has given great stress on women s sanity .He protected sanity of Hazrat Maryam by revealing Surah  Maryam .He also sent verses of Quran to protect the sanity of Hazrat Ayesha. Allah has also revealed a whole surah that addresses women. Women are given great importance in Islam .They have been given respect and honor. There is a whole surah in Quran [Surah Al Nisa] that is revealed for women .On the other hand rajal in Arabic means man but no Surah like Surah Rijal is revealed for men. So from here we can see the  importance of women in Islam .In Quran ,Allah has revealed many ayahs to show the importance of women and on the other  hand there are many obligations that women have to follow .Allah Almighty has focused on sanctity of women .Therefore ,when people were assassinating the character of Hazrat Maryam when she was conceiving a child [Hazrat Esa ],Almighty Allah sent a whole surah [Surah Maryam ]to prove the piousness and purity of Hazrat Maryam .So, Sanctity of women is important in Islam.


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Dr Zuha Qaisar, Dr alia Bibi, Dr Yasmin Nazir, Dr Muhammad zafar Iqbal saeedi, Dr Hifzur Rahman, & Dr Abdul haseeb. (2022). WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND SANCTITY FROM ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE: COMPREHENSIVE ANALYTICAL STUDY. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 19(4), 826-833. Retrieved from https://archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/11541

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