• Dr. Hafiz.M. Mudassar shafique
  • Dr. Sadia Noreen
  • Dr. Syed. M. Ahmad Saeed shah
  • Dr.M. Nawaz
  • Kashif Mehmood Al-Azhari


The Holy Qur'an is the holy word of God. Allah, the Exalted, has given humanity a unique excellence among His countless creatures. Allah's religion Islam has brought the message of honor, dignity and protection of rights to humanity. Before Islam, every weak section of the society was under the influence of the powerful section. The plight of women and slaves was the most vulnerable. The story of the oppression of women in this region is very long, India, Egypt, China, Arab and other countries, so that the mountains of oppression against women were broken in every nation, where the people of Arabs used to start preparing for the burial of women as soon as they were born. In any civilization of the world, he did not have economic, social, political, hereditary rights, even he did not have the right to cry. She has always lived as a submissive. No culture and religion in the world gave her the rights she deserved. Then the sun of Islam rose, which did a great favor to the woman, lifting her from the pits of lowness and raising her to the heights. The Prophet ﷺ came to this world as a mercy to the worlds and by the command of God enlightened women about their rights. Feminism is the most important topic of the 20th century. Scholars of the East and West have written a lot on it and the Western slogan of equality between men and women has also affected the women of Muslim society. The movements related to feminism from the West have both support and disagreement regarding Islam. Most of which is because many local, cultural customs and negative prejudices have been accepted as part of Islamic education, which has led to social changes in the modern era. That’s why it’s a time to take the opinion of Islamic scholars of 20th century about the rights of feminism in Islam.


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Dr. Hafiz.M. Mudassar shafique, Dr. Sadia Noreen, Dr. Syed. M. Ahmad Saeed shah, Dr.M. Nawaz, & Kashif Mehmood Al-Azhari. (2023). ANALYTICAL STUDY OF FEMINIST RIGHTS AND OPINIONS OF MUSLIM SCHOLARS OF 20TH CENTURY. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 20(2), 733-744. Retrieved from