• Sultan Akbar Shah
  • Samreen Fazal
  • Bakht Jamal
  • Syed Ahmad Raza Shah Gillani
  • Muhammad Mujtaba Haider
  • Iram Naeem


This research paper will examine the stress-reduction strategies used by secondary school instructors. Educational institutions may better assist their instructors and advance their general wellbeing by discovering ways that work. This study focuses on pertinent research and academic works that offer insights into stress-reduction strategies designed especially for teachers. Teacher’s performance is deteorating day by day due to different stresses in their professional lives.  However, the Institutes might be able to overcome some of these difficulties by the vision of becoming an institution with continuous professional development. Thus, this is important for institutions to know about the different stresses faced by the teachers like interpersonal, environmental and economic stress. : Depending on the choices and accessibility of the participants, a combination of online surveys and paper-based surveys were used to disseminate the questionnaires to the chosen secondary school instructors. Descriptive statistics were used to investigate the frequencies and percentages of stress management strategies utilised by instructors. The association between stress management strategies, stress levels, and wellbeing was investigated using inferential statistical analysis, such as correlation and regression analysis. For data analysis, statistical software like SPSS or R was used. This research highlights the need of offering all instructors, regardless of gender, a supportive and inclusive atmosphere to effectively address stress-related challenges.


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Sultan Akbar Shah, Samreen Fazal, Bakht Jamal, Syed Ahmad Raza Shah Gillani, Muhammad Mujtaba Haider, & Iram Naeem. (2023). STRESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES USED BY SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHER. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 20(2), 1333-1346. Retrieved from

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