• Umaima Khan
  • Nosheen Khaliq


This study has its focus on the investigations of symbolic perspectives in the selected poems of a well- known American poet Robert Frost and a modern Welsh poet Thomas Dylan. It also aims at the comparison of symbols used by these poets keeping in view “The Theory of Symbolic Interactionism ’’ by Blumer. Both the poets are related to the modern era and their works enlighten the dark spots under the veil of consumerism and blind competition of people with one another. The relation of man with nature is described vehemently by both the poets. In the present study, the researcher has tried to investigate the role of natural symbols employed by the poets on the thinking and psychological state of common people. This study also highlights how modern man is stuck with unending responsibilities. A modern man is actually suffering from alienated and sordid atmosphere. There is a communication gap between human beings which can be fulfilled by nature and its proximity with individuals and their groups. An optimistic view of life is presented for the modern readers through the use of symbolic tools. Death is presented to be an eternal reality and about to bridge the gulf and connect man with life. So, death must be welcomed in an unusual manner. In almost all the poems there is a single narrator who is either enjoying the overwhelming charm of nature or raging violently against death. All these perspectives depict the social background and relative states of the characters. The readers deduce the message veiled behind the universal and personal symbols according to their peculiar symbolic approach and status in the modern mechanically controlled society.


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