• Dr. HM Azhar Usama
  • Dr. Naseer Ahmad Akhtar
  • Dr. Saima


This scholarly inquiry delves into the multifaceted and nuanced concept of religious freedom within the framework of Islam. In a world marked by cultural diversity and pluralism, understanding the foundations, interpretations, and implications of religious freedom within Islamic principles is paramount. This study navigates through Islamic theological doctrines, historical contexts, and contemporary perspectives to unravel the complex relationship between Islam and the notion of religious freedom.The research critically examines key Quranic verses and Hadiths to discern the principles and values that underpin religious freedom in Islam. It explores the historical contexts of Islamic civilizations and the treatment of religious minorities, seeking to draw insights from Islamic jurisprudence on the protection and tolerance of diverse religious beliefs. Simultaneously, the study engages with modern Islamic thought, jurisprudential developments, and the impact of political dynamics on the understanding and application of religious freedom in predominantly Muslim societies.In addition to the doctrinal analysis, the research places a comparative lens on the concept of religious freedom in Islam concerning international human rights standards. It addresses the compatibility of Islamic principles with contemporary notions of religious freedom enshrined in global human rights instruments, fostering a dialogue between Islamic jurisprudence and the broader discourse on religious freedom.Through this exploration, the study aims to contribute to a more profound understanding of how Islam perceives and accommodates religious freedom, both in theory and practice. By highlighting areas of convergence and divergence, the research seeks to facilitate constructive conversations that transcend cultural, religious, and political divides, fostering a vision of religious freedom that respects diversity and promotes peaceful coexistence in our interconnected global society.


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Dr. HM Azhar Usama, Dr. Naseer Ahmad Akhtar, & Dr. Saima. (2023). HARMONY UNVEILED: EXPLORING THE TAPESTRY OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN ISLAMIC THOUGHT. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 20(1), 1536-1544. Retrieved from https://archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/12126

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