Study On Antecedents Of Entrepreneurial Intention: A Conceptual View Point


  • Shivam Bhardwaj, Dr Sucheta Agarwal, Dr Vikas Tripathi


Since entrepreneurship has been advanced as the solution for unemployment and wealth creation so entrepreneurial intention (EI) has also received massive consideration from the research scholars, policy makers, academicians and entrepreneurs. Incubation centers, innovation and entrepreneurship cells, entrepreneurship development programs etc. are in action to promote and create the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This study is conducted to investigate various factors influencing the intentions of graduate and post graduate level students towards entrepreneurship and to formulate an integrated model to the factors for EI. Studies which were taken into consideration demonstrated EI as one of the potential pillars in undertaking the decision to be an entrepreneur, and also demonstrated the relationship of various personal and environmental factors with EI. Literature review of 87 papers is conducted to study the factors affecting entrepreneurial intention of students. The search is kept limited to ‘entrepreneurial intention’ only and studies referring to entrepreneurial intention and associated factors in title, abstract and keywords were primarily considered to review. Study revealed that several personal and environmental factors like willingness to take risk, attitude, self-efficacy, need for achievement, government policies, entrepreneurial education, social groups etc. play significant role in determining EI. An integrated model is provided to determine and foster EI, and to guide that what should be done in order to promote the conscious choice of entrepreneurship among the graduate and post graduate students. Based on the findings the related competent authorities may make changes to foster student’s interest in entrepreneurship.


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Shivam Bhardwaj, Dr Sucheta Agarwal, Dr Vikas Tripathi. (2020). Study On Antecedents Of Entrepreneurial Intention: A Conceptual View Point. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 17(7), 10170 - 10186. Retrieved from