• Dr. Haider Shaheed Hashim


The image is one of the important means that contribute greatly to the delivery of an integrated image  of the events, and it may even represent thousands of words in communicating an idea clearly, so it has received great attention from media institutions in various directions and specializations, especially news ones, as it has been used to support Information or directive necessity in the readable means, and it may be used alone to convey an integrated story.

The importance of the research comes from being a knowledge addition, and it is one of the researches that did not receive sufficient attention from investigation and study at the level of academic research in Iraq, as the importance of the research is reflected in the focus on the contents of the press image that are employed in various media.

The researcher aims through this research to reveal the contents of the photo and the process of analyzing it semiotics according to the method of Gear Vero.

The researcher reached a number of results, most notably the following:

  1. The success of the press image to a large extent in achieving more than one goal at the same time, and it included many of the meanings inherent in it.
  2. An attempt to draw the attention of local, Arab and international public opinion and international organizations to the conditions in which the Iraqi people live and the demands of the demonstrators that focus on eliminating corruption, improving services and providing job opportunities for young people.
  3. The image included a story of the suffering of Iraqi youth as a result of the circumstances the country went through as a result of widespread corruption in all joints of the Iraqi state.


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2021-01-05 — Updated on 2021-01-06

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