• Asst. Fawzi Allawi Rustam, Asst. Hammed Jassim Alwan


Career creativity is one of the important topics as it brings together a lot of diversity in concept, types and dimensions. Interest in it at the level of business organizations began at the end of the forties of the last century.

The concept of job creativity is surrounded by a certain ambiguity and diversity in the principles and perspectives, some of which focused on being a process of stages that produce something new, or it is the generation or adoption of new ideas and their application, or it is the activity that leads to a product characterized by severity and originality, as it expresses capabilities or Attributes of individuals, such as the ability to solve problems and make decisions, the capacity of communication, the spirit of risk, the ability to change and encourage creativity, or that it adopts a new behavior for the organization’s industry. And external, but the predominant source is the mind and thinking through the interaction of experiences, skills and information. As for its types, various studies have led to the diagnosis of different types of creativity, such as product creativity, process innovation, technological innovation, administrative creativity, radical creativity, added creativity, stereotypical creativity, and atypical creativity.

The emergence of creativity in a large part of it is improvisational rather than planned, and it has been found that job creativity is linked and affected by many environmental and employment variables and studies in its field have indicated that it responds to the impact of self-management in a direct and effective manner and its relationship to it is directly and directly increasing.


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