Green politics to achieve sustainable growth in India


  • Ripima Narzary


Over the past three decades, environmental policies have grown dramatically in India. The policies are sensitive to the evolving issues of both local and foreign origin. A wide variety of problems have been addressed by legislation, such as air and water emissions, waste control, biodiversity protection (The Policy Statement for Abatement of Pollution, 1992; The Forest Policy, 1988). However, policies have historically been directed at preserving the ecosystem and focused on reacting to local concerns. India faces economic growth problems that need to be tackled with limited capital, minimum externalities, and an environment of instability. The direction of sustainable growth is one of the methods to address this obstacle (SD). In addition to providing the potential to achieve co-benefits without undermining the national goal of improving social and economic growth, an exclusive climate-cantered focus will contribute to immense mitigation and adaptation costs. At the same time, a sustainable development pathway results in lower mitigation costs. Sustainable growth is the fundamental framework of development through which the Climate Change Plan works and must be retained in the future. Focusing on the Global Growth Program, politicians will be more preferred by strategic capitalists, and the Climate Change Initiative would be favorably oriented to its logical conclusion. We need to adhere to this simple concept and build a long-term plan for solutions to this impact. India is a complex country, stunningly diverse, full of seeming inconsistencies. It has a powerful ethic of schooling but still immense suffering and illiteracy. It is the biggest democracy in the world, and poor law enforcement and corruption remain prevalent.



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