Understanding the Impact of Knowledge Management on Marketing inJordan: Excellence Perspective


  • Salman Mohammad Abu Lehyeh
  • Malek Alharafsheh
  • Mahmoud alghizzawi
  • Mahmood Abushareah


Knowledge Management, Marketing Performance, Excellence, Service Organizations, Irbid, Jordan.


Knowledge management plays a vital role in achieving excellence in marketing performance. As marketing performance is an integral element to sustain better understanding, it also supports attaining the organizational objectives. Accordingly, the current study examines the status and applications of knowledge management in organizations. The present article also aims to analyze the potential relationship between knowledge management in all its dimensions and the actual excellence levels in marketing performance within the organizations.The study population consists of service organizations operating in Irbid, Jordan. The researchers randomly selected n= 5 of these organizations as a sample for the study. A structured questionnaire was distributed to n= 54 individuals, including general managers, their assistants, and department heads between 40 and 60. The linear correlation and regression model assessed the study hypotheses by using SPSS.Results indicateddecreased knowledge management processes (knowledge generation), leading toadverse effects on marketing performance excellence. Findings also showed reduced knowledge storage and organization processes, which negatively affects the required marketing performance. Thus, knowledge management raises the quality of service institutions' quality, which contributes to excellence in marketing performance. The study also recommends training employees and directing them on knowledge management to effectively achieve the desired results.


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Salman Mohammad Abu Lehyeh, Malek Alharafsheh, Mahmoud alghizzawi, & Mahmood Abushareah. (2020). Understanding the Impact of Knowledge Management on Marketing inJordan: Excellence Perspective. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 17(7), 15423-15440. Retrieved from https://archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/5941