Educational Thought in the New Teacher Magazine The Coup of February 8, 1964 until the Coup of July 17, 1968


  • Alaa A. Jabbar


human element, specialized educational journalism, New Teacher Magazine.


The issue of the human element occupies a great and wide importance in all societies because of its role in creating intellectual, economic and social development, and the field of education is the most prominent field in achieving this due to its role in laying the right foundations at the level of individual and community construction. There is no doubt that the importance of education is evident in the formation of the productive human being at the intellectual and material level and the extent to which this is important to carry out the educational and cultural tasks to which it is associated, and specialized educational journalism is one of the important means on which countries rely on achieving the requirements of the intellectual construction of educational thought in their societies because of their From a role in creating the educational and cultural link between educational institutions and individuals as well as their secretion of many problems of a professional and specialized nature for the purpose of developing effective solutions to them, and the New Teacher Magazine is one of the specialized educational magazines that have contributed greatly to spreading the correct educational thought in Iraq since its establishment in the year 1935, as I confirmed, from a specialized and sober perspective, the extent of the importance of the teacher's mission, and whether he achieved the educational and cultural mission in light of the solidarity between him and the state without which this cannot be achieved, which will be discussed in this research in relation to the New Teacher Magazine, its origin and establishment, the educational thought in the era of arrifi rule (February 8, 1963 coup - July 17 1968 coup, and the educational thought in the New Teacher Magazine for the period from the February 8, 1963 coup, until the July 17 coup.


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