Mantra in Wariga Dalem, Balinese Traditional Therapy: A Linguistic Anthropology Study


  • I Wayan Rasna
  • Ni Wayan Sariani
  • I Nengah Martha
  • Gde Artawan


Mantra, wariga dalem, linguistic anthropology.


Mantra in wariga dalem is a Balinese traditional therapeutic in the form of free poetry and lyrical prose and has magical powers, using Balinese script and regional languages that have been inherited from ancestors. It is not enough to memorize them but must be accompanied by mystical practices to take advantage of magical powers. This study discusses the form of language or structure, function, meaning, and cultural values in the mantra in wariga dalem. Based on the phenomenon studied, namely mantra in wariga dalem, this research is classified as qualitative research, to reflect on and understand the reality and phenomena of language as they are. Therefore, this research is descriptive which includes the speech incidents in the mantra in wariga dalem. The method used to collect the required data is the literature study method, the observation method, the interview method, and the listening and proficient method. The structure of the mantra in wariga dalem studied is macrostructure, superstructure, and microstructure mantra in wariga dalem has an informational function, an expressive function, a directive function, aesthetic function, a fatigue function, and a magical function. This text has a conceptual meaning and an associative meaning. The values contained in it are cultural values that are influenced by the teachings of Hinduism, namely the presence of elements of Balinese script, Old Javanese, Balinese, and Sanskrit.


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I Wayan Rasna, Ni Wayan Sariani, I Nengah Martha, & Gde Artawan. (2021). Mantra in Wariga Dalem, Balinese Traditional Therapy: A Linguistic Anthropology Study. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(4), 5545-5565. Retrieved from