Renovation Systems In Architectural Act's


  • Yahya Jalil Abed , Ibrahim Jawad Al-Youssef


The concept of renovation is one of the subject that have had a wide area in literatures and researches compared with the other social and ethical subjects. however, no one yet could give full description for it , not because of  limited abilities of the researchers but because of enormity of the concept , it's relations and it's significances . and because of the essential need to implicate it in the various aspects of the cultural manifestation.

       Thus , emerged the need to identify this concept within a clearly defined holistic system and highlights the manifestations and implications in architecture . with out that, the concept will remain as a thought which can never be applied on reality fields or even when was tried to be applied, this application will be subjective perception and such applications itself will be somehow a sort of corruption. basically, for the renovation system, to achieve its goals, it should have based on a perfect intellectual system which has the capacity to generate a self-motivation toward the desired action with in the human kind , this is the effect of the belief.

        The architecture is the one of the aspects that has been affected most by the believes of the society . as the Islamic doctrine has its origin from the most wise, all knowledge, the almighty, it is wise to study the concept of renovation with Islamic teachings and architecture .

          Now; it is clear that the research problem is to identify the renovation system in architecture from  Islamic point of view. Where of the goal of the research is to fill the knowledge gap by using deductive analytical method to discover the hall picture of Islamic renovational system, and apply it to different architectural systems to reform them in accordance to Islamic view .


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