The Liberated Bride: A Literary Analysis


  • Dima M. Obeidat Yarmouk University Faculty of arts Department of Semitic and Oriental languages Irbid, Jordan


Dream of Return, Arabs-Jews relationship, Hebrew Literature


The Liberated Bride novel is committed to present the social and daily life events of Arabs and
Jews. This paper mimics the Arabs-Jews relationship through a unique analysis of the novel’s
characters and the mysterious motives that govern their behaviors toward each other. The
narrator's opinion of the Arabs and their adherence to their dream of return to their land
is also under discussion in this paper in comparison with the opinion of other characters
that the narrator has embedded in his novel in order to reflect his diversity approach.
The characters are not necessarily in agreement with the narrator. The analysis in this
paper practices a skillful transition among the narrative characters on both the internal
and external levels to impulse the literary novel rhythm.


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