• Fouad Khamis Hamad Gharibah, Prof. Bayan Shaker Juma


Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may blessings and peace be upon our Master Muhammad, the best of all creation

And after.

The search in the language and literature of intellectual and founded by a trend complex and difficult for general scholars, so as required by this research calve in the readings between the philosophical texts, social, psychological and access to the most important , but T. Wajahat in these fields , as well as the difficulty of philosophical texts that finds the student in the language Great difficulty, let alone if it is translated into another language, then the situation will be more complicated and difficult.

Nevertheless, the student can find his way between translated books after seeing many translations or more than one translation about one book, as well as the explanations provided by Arab scholars for some philosophical and intellectual issues of translated studies.

We have seen that the subject of Kant’s influence in structural studies is something that no researcher has spoken about. Therefore, we had to collect signals and fragments from here and there that might help us to perceive the clear impact of Kant in linguistics and structuralism, which is what our research revolves around.

Therefore , this research will consist of two demands a and for them the impact of Kant in linguistics and second , the impact of Kant in the structural, and through these two requirements we can stand on the overall impact of Kant and the philosophy of the structural orientation in general.

We do not claim by this that we have fully and thoroughly surrounded this topic, as there are many statements and concepts of linguistic and structuralism in which Kant's influence can be traced, and as we completed this research we focused on the main concepts in both structuralism and Kant's philosophy; It is necessary for the rest of the concepts and terminology to follow this establishment, which remains in need of further tracking and briefing.

Finally, this is the effort of the concern, and if I have fulfilled the research its right, then it is from God Almighty and His help, according to my knowledge, time and effort, and if it is the other, then error and error come back to me.

And our last prayer is praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad and his pure family.


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