• Fatima Ismail Obaid, Prof. Dr . Bayan Shaker Juma


Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and blessings and peace be upon the master of all creation

And after ...

The study of Arabic rhetoric and Qur’anic interpretation does not provide us with important insights every day, because knowledge itself refuses to stop at one stop and that the mind itself is not convinced to stay in a region that is called the end, and if our words were not correct, the Almighty would not say on our tongue. ( And say, Lord, increase me knowledge .

Ibn Ashur is one of the commentators that we can stop with for long and full time, as the man had a special mind and a special vision that always motivated us to continue researching the Qur’anic interpretation, especially since the Qur’an text does not expire its wonders .

We discussed this as part of our message tagged ( graphic arts in the hawamim of the Qur’an through the interpretation of al-Taher bin Ashour ), and this means that the issues that we will address will be based on the hooves only, as Ibn Ashour sees it .

Thus, we have accomplished an attempt to approach terminology close to the metaphor of Ibn Ashur in these surahs of the Qur’an and that he presents us in these surahs and through these graphic arts a different view from the rhetorics that caught our attention, which forced us to stop there and study it .

We have found that the terms that overlapped with the term metaphor according to Ibn Ashur are consideration, inclusion and problem, and therefore our discussion of these three demands is hoping that our pause there will enlighten the researchers and provide benefit to them in their study .

As I submit this research for publication, I fully know that I may have fallen into errors, omissions and weaknesses, and if they are fruitful, then it is from me and I ask God Almighty to help me meet my days in order to present what is better, and if it is good and useful, God prescribes that I want and the benefit of knowledge and learners I ask .

And our last prayer is praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds .


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