Capturing indigenous Bondoc Dances: Basis for Writing Dance Literature


  • Julie Grace K. Mi-ing, Dake A. Bukong


Indigenous dances are one of the many indigenous practices of the people worth preserving. Capturing indigenous dances then is very timely when many of our cultural practices are being fast forgotten. One of the most fitting ways of immortalizing the dance movement is through dance literature. This paper then aims to notate the live dance performance of the selected indigenous dances of Central Bontoc through the use of documentation for cultural base and context of dance presentations. It is apparent that these dances:sagni, pattong are commonly known as Pattong – the Bontoc community dance. These are generally social dances being danced in festivities and being choreographed in various presentations.This study establishes culturally sensitive staging among theatre artists and empowering awareness among the Bontok young people on how to dance their very own dances. Also, this study produced dance literature capable of communicating the dance when a live body is absent.


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