• Esbosynova Nursulu Perdebaevna, Dospanova Dilara Urakbaevna


The goal of teaching a foreign language in a primary school is to provide students with the ability to communicate directly with native speakers of the studied language in the most common everyday situations. And, as you know, communication is not only speaking a foreign language, but also listening to the interlocutor’s speech. That is, speaking and audition are the main types of speech activity in communication with native speakers of a foreign language. In addition, most residents now have the opportunity to travel around the world, and in situations of “announcements at airports, train stations,” audition is even more important than speaking. It is also important that a slight misunderstanding of what the interlocutor said can disrupt the entire process of communication.

Based on the foregoing, we believe that the topic of this study "The specifics of teaching audition at different stages of teaching foreign languages" is relevant at present and not sufficiently studied. And the underestimation of audition can have an extremely negative effect on the language training of students. But the study of this type of speech activity in the methodology is not deep enough, and the term “audition” is used in the methodological literature relatively recently. It is contrasted with the term “listening”. If “listening” refers to the acoustic perception of a scale, then audition includes the process of perceiving and understanding sounding speech. It is also known that audition is a very difficult type of speech activity. And the fact that modern school graduates practically do not possess this skill is not a secret at all. Audition should occupy an important place already at the initial stage. Mastering the audition makes it possible to realize educational, educational and developmental goals.




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