"A study of rural area towards the growth of Digital India in Post Covid 19 Pandemic"


  • Neha Saini, Dr. Parampreet Singh


PURPOSE  The  Covid-19  pandemic  has  led  to  use  of  digital  technologies  due  to  the  social distancing norms and nationwide lockdowns. In all the sectors, corona virus propelled the use of digital  technologies.  Virtual  collaboration  applications  like  Zoom  and  Microsoft  Teams  have witnessed  unprecedented  growth  in  demand  and  valuations  since  Covid-19.  Work  from  home and online classes retail accelerated post-Covid landscape suggest that digital companies in India are on the path of displacing their global peers. In this research paper, possible scenarios of the digital changes required and the research needed for the better internet connectivity is required in rural areas. METHODOLOGY   The   research   under   study   is   a   combination   of   both   exploratory   and descriptive  research  design.  The  exploratory  will  include  techniques  like  reviewing  available literature and data sources. In this research, the data is mainly collected through primary sources. Employees  of the IT sector and educational institutions  are the major sources  of primary data collection.  This  data  has  been  collected  by  sending  online  self-structured  questionnaires  to employees of five viable IT firms and educational institutions in India. Each sample was selected on the basis of a simple random sampling method. FINDINGS  According  to  the  result,  Indian  companies  as  well  educational  institutes  require digital infrastructure and services. have played a pivotal role in our fight against the pandemic, keeping us productive, entertained, educated, safe, informed and sane. However, sustaining and thriving  in  the  ‘new  normal’  will  need  shifting  gears  by  the  digital  ecosystem  and  more infrastructure is required for rural areas for proper productivity like better internet connectivity. SOCIAL/ PHYSICAL IMPLICATIONS OF STUDY  This  study can provide some insights  to the policy makers that can be helpful for the society in terms of efficient use of our resources. ORIGINALITY OF STUDY This study is an original research.  


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