"Pre- and Post- analysis of Consumer behavior during Covid-19 lockdown for Online Shopping"


  • Prof. Reema Shah, Prof. Ria Patnaik, Prof. Upendra More


The corona virus (COVID-19) eruption is first and prime human tragedy across the world, affecting the lives of a lot of humans. It’s greatly impacted the worldwide economy. This paper is envisioned to supply business leaders with a view on the progressing situation and implications on the patron further. Every country is affected and impacted by the pandemic. Before lockdown, work from home created a positive shift within the trend of online shopping. But this might not reside for a protracted time. Unexpected lockdown of twenty-one days impacted Indian e commerce business and marketing trends drastically. Altogether, Corona virus’s impact on consumer buying behavior, towards companies and online tools was highly unknown. This paper aims to reflect on different issues and perspectives of online marketing thanks to COVID-19. There are still more uncertainties to predict how the sale for the following few months are impacting the worldwide community, both personally additionally as professionally. This study explores the impact of the epidemic from tissue paper rolls to baby gear, pet food to several more daily essentials. Although a number of the businesses managed to work through social commerce that's marketing by using e-commerce and social media.

All the actions of the e commerce industry look upon end with consumers and consumer satisfaction. The patron buying behaviour study is predicated on consumer buying actions, with the customer playing the three different roles of user, spender and purchaser. Consumer buying behaviour has become an important a part of tactical market planning. so as to develop a structure for the study consumer behaviour it's helpful to start out by considering the factors which impacts on consumer buying behaviour still because the growth of the sector of marketing research and therefore the different paradigms of reflection that have influenced the discipline, which might be wont to set apart and distinguish the varied perspectives on marketing research.

The study is an Applied Research which can be used by online companies to understand customer online purchase behaviour. For this research Descriptive research design is used, wherein the characteristics of customers with regard to purchase of products online – pre & post Covid-19 Lockdown is described. The study is based on Quantitative research wherein primary data is collected through survey questionnaire from customers shopping online. The Sampling method used is Non-Probability method through Convenience sampling. The respondents targeted for the same are from the city of Mumbai. Forty-six percent of users admitted that social networks are important for information sharing and for creating product choices. But results are indicative of the very fact that online marketing and shopping will soon return to normal but the losses and downshift brought by this pandemic aren't ignorable.


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Prof. Reema Shah, Prof. Ria Patnaik, Prof. Upendra More. (2021). "Pre- and Post- analysis of Consumer behavior during Covid-19 lockdown for Online Shopping". PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(7), 2288-2301. Retrieved from https://archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/8448