"Diversification Application in Portfolio Management with respect to Risk and investment"


  • Aditee Huparikar, Neeta Shinde


Portfolio management is building and seeing a selection of investments that will meet the long-term financial goals and risk tolerance factor of an investor. To create Investment portfolio by any Institution is considered as critical. Portfolio Asset management can be built in various avenues so as to minimize the risk and measure it. It can be done by using various investment avenues like Equity, Mutual and Borrowed funds. To optimize the portfolio data is the main objective using diversified techniques. VAR is considered as the technique to measure the risk factor of portfolio. Numerical results and outcomes of investments are considered in the research and presented. The main objective is to select the suitable investment criteria like if we want better returns, or consider risk factors, or liquidity or safety of principal. By this we can set our portfolio objectives and construct according to our needs and manage it with respect to the market conditions and the securities fairing in the market.


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