"Electric Vehicles and Attitude of Metropolitan Consumers"


  • Dr. Harish Kumar S. Purohit


Everybody is talking about electric vehicles (EVs). From media to government to automakers to stock market experts and yes, the consumers too. While driving on roads of metropolitan cities, one can spot few electric vehicles, both 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers. As professor of marketing, it is obvious question that how much or how fast we as a nation, going to accept the e-vehicles concept. Perceptions and attitudes are basic building of consumer buying behaviour. Since the EVs are yet to penetrate in Indian society, the preferred mode of understanding the mood of consumer is understanding the attitude. This study takes the help of some earlier work in attitude measurement and the statement used are re-crafted to suit the product category. The automobile market of metropolitan cities is showing some enthusiasm about the EVs and hence the geography has chosen to understand and estimate mood of the consumer. The statements are validated through Cronbach’s alfa and exploratory factor analysis (EFA). The final items forming a unidimensional construct and hence attitude towards EVs across various income groups or gender can be compared.



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