"Tyre Retreader’s Perception About Quality & Brand"


  • Dr. Seema Laddha


Substantial number of scrap tyres is the result of growth of automobile Industry. Advent of technology has paved the way for re-treading industry.  This industry has at most important due to various socio-economic benefits. Internationally recognized recycling technology has help to save environment, help in energy conservation and less emission of harmful gases which is the result of tyre manufacturing. However, the Indian re-treaded tyre lacks of systematic research in terms of technology theory, craft and detection etc resulting into re-treaded tyre are not reached to quality standard. Failure of the tread, sidewall, ply, buffer layer and bead delaminating and cracking are the common problems in re-traded tyres. Due to this malfunction of the tyre could be the result of traffic accident of the moving vehicle. This seriously influences the demand of re-treaded tyre, and the person safety. The main aim of this research is to evaluate retreader’s perception towards performance of  tyres and its influence on brand image. The research was carried out to understand different  types of retread tyres and to determine the benefits for retread tyres. The population for this study comprised of all 60 Retreading centres in Maharashtra. Questionnaires were used to solicit information from the respondents along with the telephonic interview with few of them .The study found out that there are various quality parameters use before retreading of tyre and quality is important as per the perception of tyre retreader over the brand but there an association which they have related with the brand and quality which was revealed during interview with them. Retreaders are carrying perception of brand and influencing market demand. Commission received is the major important component of influencing the demand of brands.  


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