• Ali Star Dawood , Dr. Ahmed Abbas Saeed


The artist, Serwan Baran, is a milestone in the modern Iraqi formation movement, especially in terms of the comprehensiveness that this artist was distinguished for in painting and sculpture with a clear benefit from the opportunity that was offered to him to contact international art and in particular through his drawings that adopted expression and its transformations. This research attempts to extrapolate and analyze its foundations and elements and the library’s lack of such research, which included four chapters. The first of them included the general framework of the research, while the second chapter in the current study included the theoretical framework that contained two knowledge topics, the first of which dealt with an entrance in the expressionist school, while the second topic included the first axis of contemporary Iraqi painting, while the second axis included the painter Serwan Baran, and at the end of the second chapter. The researcher mentioned the indicators that resulted from us in this chapter. As for the research procedures, in which the researcher identified his research community with (20) drawing boards from which the researcher chose, in an intentional manner, his research samples that were identified with (3) drawing boards, relying on the descriptive and analytical approach in their analysis, and concluded by analyzing the samples. Moreover, the research reached the conclusion that the shorthand and simplification characteristic associated with the abstract expressive emotion, and the limitation to the single color that occupies the largest part of the area that is formed above it.


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