"To Study the Quality of Service Provided by the Banks in India"


  • Abhiraj Shivdas


The progress of Indian Banks over a period of time has seen a great competition, due to which there is a need for all such institution mainly commercial banks to ensure maintenance of high service quality standards. Thus, this study examined the effect o customer service quality on customer satis-faction in Indian Banks. It looked to decide the segment attributes of customers that impact their degree of observation, decide the impression of customers about the nature of administration given by the banks, and to set up the connection between administration quality and consumer loyalty. The questionnaires developed for this study was based on a SERVQUAL model that identified the influence of five dimensions (i.e. tangibility, responsibility, reliability, assurance and empathy) in banking service environments on customer satisfaction. A descriptive study was taken place and around 104 randomly selected customers of various Indian Banks were analyzed using both the de-scriptive and inferential statistical tools in the SPSS. It was found that the clients of the banks were generally from the middle class of the society relatively younger, educated and mainly from the pri-vate sector of the economy. Age and education were identified as the demographic characteristics that influenced customers’ level of perception. The majority of the respondents were satisfied with the banks’ services. Also, the banks’ service reliability, assurance, empathy, and tangibles were found to be significant determinants of customers’ satisfaction with their service quality. It was rec-ommended that the banks should work more towards the improvement of its customers’ perception in the areas of empathy, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and tangibles.


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