• Abolfazl Zolghadr


Nowadays, customers’ loyalty is amongst the most important topics proposed amidst the business entities. Businesses are always seeking to increase their profits as well as their customers but they often do not know that the customer retention is accompanied by a lot lower costs for them and it can supply them with their needed profits. From the perspective of Gundi, customer is the most important person in a transaction. Customers are not dependent on the business entities; conversely, the latter depends on the former. Customers do not get involved in the business entities’ tasks rather they are the goals of their activities. A customer’s selection of a business entity is actually a graceful action and the business entities returning the favor are actually performing their tasks. Customers are not non-friendly elements in the business entities’ transactions; the customers are not needed to comply with the business entities rather the latter should adapt to the former. Customers tell their needs and the business entities should satisfy them; customers deserve the highest amounts of attentions and greatest services. In the absence of the customers, the business entities would have difficulties in paying the salaries to their employees (Ranjbarian and Barabari, 2014).

The present study tries investigating the role of customer loyalty in customer satisfaction. It is through more recognition and perception of the loyal customers’ value and customers’ loyalty that it is hoped that the customer retention culture can be rendered more prevalent and this would per se be followed by customers’ more satisfaction.

Customer retention is not one of the other options for the businesses rather it is to be envisioned as a must and the failure in paying attention to such cases would be followed by nothing other than losing of the customers as well as customers’ dissatisfaction hence the downfall of the business.


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