Impact Of Chemical Food Preservatives On Human Health


  • Ritu Gupta , Dr Rakesh Kumar Yadav


Every Living Organism Need Food To Live. The Food Has Limited Shelf Life, In Order To Increase The Shelf Life And Maintain The Quality Certain Preservatives Are Used, These Preservatives May Have Some Harmful Effect So If Possible, And Food Without Preservatives May Be Used. This Additive Is A Sodium Salt Which Is Commonly Used As Chemical Preservative In Foods And It Is Found Mainly In Industrialized Drinks. Sodium Benzoate Is Considered Safe By Measurability Agencies But There Is Still Controversy Over Its Effect On Human Health. Many Effects Like Food Allergy, Food Intolerance, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder ,Brain Damage, Nausea, Cardiac Disease Among Other Have Been Reported.


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