• Assist. Lec. Anas Fadhil Mohammad Al-Rubaiee


Theater has sorted contents and achieved ideas from one period to another, affecting and affected by the human societies from which those societies emerged eager to see themselves through their various arts. A among these arts the art of theater, which has produced its long back activity, many trends that affected the its entire elements in text, acting and lighting and others. The most important characteristic of theatrical texts is that they carry the cultures of nations and people.

As well as the ideas and visions of its writer, as it can be considered one of the most vital and effective cultural means in society. The theater reflected the reality of society and its contradictions as a human and social art. From this point, theatrical literature sought and continues to demonstrate these conflicts in  an intellectual and aesthetic forms. The Syrian  writer Sa’dullahWanos is the model of   the  research. He  has been able to portray these relationships in wonderful and beautiful formulas. Through his numerous writings, he was able to observe reality according to its cultural, intellectual, social and political references. The study contains four chapters, the first chapter included the methodological framework in which I dealt with the research problem, which ended with the question (What are the most important features of the drama of the absurd in the texts of SaadullahWanos’s of the play?) .It also contained the importance of research, the need for it, the goal of study, the limits of research and the definition of terms.As for the second chapter (theoretical framework), two topics were dealt with, as the first topic contained in its folds the drama of the absurd in the world stage, in which the concept of the absurd was studied in international theater schools in addition to the most important reasons that led to the emergence of the theater of the absurd.



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