A Study on The Effect of Major Behavioral Biases of Male and Female Investors on Risk Propensity


  • Shivangee Sharma
  • Bobby W. Lyall


Investors, conformational biases and informational biases


The estuation of methodology has been highlighted the possible approach that can be used as per improvement the risk value. It has used the proper design and method that has helpful in determining the research strategy. Application of proper method and research approach has determined the proper way of collecting the data. The study has used a quantitative analysis that reflected the risk value. The survey has been conducted that has developed the review of people. Estimation value can be helpful in determining the possible value. The analysis of result has reflected the main finding over the study. The result of the risk factor has been discussed over the quantitative approaches. The report has focused on the investment pattern of the investors and their capability of undertaking risk before investing. There were different types of biases that have been observed on the investors such as conformational biases and informational biases. Investors try to investigate the propensity to take the risk along with their major biases. The report has shed light on Buying behaviour of genders and their propensity of undertaking risk. Furthermore, it is observed that males are more likely to undertake higher risk in comparison to female investors.


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Shivangee Sharma, & Bobby W. Lyall. (2021). A Study on The Effect of Major Behavioral Biases of Male and Female Investors on Risk Propensity. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 18(1), 4972-4989. Retrieved from https://archives.palarch.nl/index.php/jae/article/view/9522