• Pooja Singh
  • Seema Shokeen
  • Jasbir Singh


Vaccine, Immunization, Immunity, Health, Disease.


Awareness about the basic understanding and importance of immunization is crucial. Immunization refers to the process where the body induces immunity to a disease as a result of a vaccine. The World Health Organization considers immunization to be the most effective medical intervention we have to prevent deaths and reduce disease in our communities. Immunization is the process whereby a person is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease.Immunization is a proven tool for controlling and eliminating life-threatening infectious diseases and is estimated to avert between 2 and 3 million deaths each year. It is one of the most cost-effective health investments, with proven strategies that make it accessible to even the most hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations. It has clearly defined target groups.Immunization is done, typically by the administration of a vaccine. Vaccines stimulate the body’s own immune system to protect the person against subsequent infection or disease. A vaccine is a product made from dead or alive, weakened strains of viruses or bacteria. Vaccination refers to the act of giving a vaccine to a person. When a vaccine is given it triggers an immune response in your body. This protects you if you come into contact with strains of that disease again in the natural environment. The prime objective of the study is toanalyze the relationship between the Awareness of vaccination of the survey responder and the corresponding immunization through a survey which has been conducted on 431 families across the NCR Delhi. The Pearson's chi-squared test (χ2) has been performed to check the dependence and depth of relationship which the data intends to imply. The secondary objectives of the research paper are to study the different types of vaccines and identification of the various Factors Affecting awareness towards vaccination.


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