• Muhammad Asdaq Hanif
  • Ayesha Afzal
  • Dr. Irfana Rasul


Military boarding schools are an integral part of education sector of Pakistan. These schools are multi-dimensional i.e., along with imparting required academic skills, these schools also focus on overall personality of a student by inculcating traits such as discipline and character building. Students at military boarding school undergo strict training which is aimed at helping students to develop good academic and social skills. Parents are often attracted by the idea that not only military boarding schools will help their children to perform well in the field of academics but also student will be able to learn required soft and social skills which are absolutely necessary for having a successful career in military as well as civil life. However, this comes at a price. Since students at military boarding school have no parent care available, they develop certain coping strategies to fight against the shock of leaving their homes. With time, these coping strategies become second nature of students. This study was conducted to answer a fundamental question that what long term effects does military boarding schools leave on the personality of their students and how it is impacting their ability to form social relationships especially family connections through their lives. The study is also aimed at finding out if boarders find it difficult to make a strong family connection. Qualitative approach was employed to conduct this study and semi-structured interview technique was used to collect data. The candidates selected for this interview were male graduates of a top-notch military boarding school in the province of Punjab (Pakistan) who had graduated from boarding institution at least 10 years ago and had a boarding experience of minimum 4 years. A sample of 10 different students was taken who had passed out through a boarding school before the age of 18 years. The results inform that that students at military boarding schools go through a way of life which significantly affects their social habits and world view. When a student becomes part of military boarding school, he is expected to adopt and embrace the routine of the school without much delay. These expectations put lot of pressure on the child who comes up with a defense mechanism to survive himself in the challenging school environment. The child forms a shell around himself which subsequently becomes permanent part of his personality. 


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