• Dr. Hafiz Ahmed Saeed Rana
  • Dr.Imran Sajid
  • Dr.Makhdoom Muhammad Roshan Siddiqui
  • Ayesha Tariq
  • Mrs. Sadia Rehman


Medicine is a science that every human being needs. In ancient times the methods of treatment were different in  countries .That is why this knowledge was present in every nation in one form or another but historians state that it was founded by the Chaldeans in Babylon and then spread to all other nations .At that time most diseases were cured by witch craft and Gods  as in Greece , Arabia and India  , But the Chaldeans were the first people to find a cure for diseases through medicine .


The first step towards the art of medicine in the Islamic era was during the time of the Abbasid Caliph Mansoor .Even during the time of the Umayyad Caliphs, some books on medicine were written  but the ancient books  were not translated .They were based solely on the experiences and observations of the Arabs .Mansoor is the first caliph of the Islam who became interested in translating ancient books but in his time only books on astrology , geometry and medicine were translated. In the civilized nations before Islam , the degree to which medicine was advanced was achived by the Muslims. Because he translated the works of Greek and Syriac Physicians , such as Hippocrates and Galen , into his own language. He also had a collection of medical treatises and information from Persia and India , the best example of which is Al –Muluki , which was written by Abu Baker Razi ( who was called Galenus ) for Azd– al- Dawla . The Arabs  due to their intelligent nature  also started writing in this field.The Arabs due to their innate intelligence did great research in the knowledge and wrote many books.


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