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  • Oras Abdulzahra Hamzah Babylon Education Directorate/ the Open Educational College – Babylon


Features, Artistic, Lyrical Theater


The present study consists of four chapters. Chapter one is devoted to the research problem that is centered around the following question; What are the artistic features that distinguish Arab lyrical theatrical performance from other performances? The significance of the present study is due to the fact that it clarifies the artistic features and lyrical poems at the lyrical theatrical performance, especially Arab lyrical theatrical performance. The present study aims at identifying the artistic features in Arab lyrical theatrical performance. As for its scope, the present study is spatially and temporally defined. The chapter is concluded by defining the key terms. Chapter two is divided into two sections. Section one is devoted to tackling the artistic features in Arab Lyrical Theatre. The researcher studied what themes are included in this theatre that distinguished it from other theatrical performances in terms of formulation and inclusion. Chapter three includes the research sample, the research tool, methodology, and the analysis of the selected sample. Chapter four includes the results, such as:
1. The sample contained the basic elements of the lyrical theater, such as the text, the dance movements, and the tonal and rhythmic diversity that accompanied the show from its beginning to its end, the backbone of which is music.
2. The sample included a variety of lyrical poetry, which led to a noticeable change in the rhythms of weights.
3. The lyrical poetry included a variety of melodies and rhythms, according to the rhythm and nature of the painting and its story.
4. The music used in the sample had a melodic line, which basically stems from the nature of the horizontal path of the theatrical tale.
5. The sample’s dialogues were composed and sung with melodies and weights derived from the Arabic music system. The rhythmic diversity and the diversity of the use of Arabic ways were observed.



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